MLB Team Remains Brave in the Fight Against Anti-Racism

bstouch001_bravesWhen most bloggers are celebrating the holidays with their loved ones or releasing their annual “Best of/Worst of” lists, I’ve decided to stay the course and write a post as if this is just any old week. Besides, I skipped Christmas for the second consecutive year and I made a compilation of annoying ads way back in May, and I think it’s withstood the test of time. Instead, I bring you a story about racism and America’s favorite pastime.

In an era when more and more college sports teams are distancing themselves from anything that could be considered the slightest bit offensive, there are a few professional franchises who, throughout the years, have stuck with their longstanding, somewhat questionable namesakes. Recently, one such team (the MLB’s own Atlanta Braves) unveiled their new batting practice caps for the upcoming season. The hats prominently feature the team’s old “Screaming Savage” logo, which has been absent from their uniforms since someone came to their senses back in the early 90s.


Ah, the 90s. They were simpler times, when racism was limited to police brutality and black stereotypes on reality TV.

While some might argue that the Braves’ Savage or the Cleveland Indians’ Chief Wahoo are merely paying homage to the Native American people whose land we stole and built sports complexes atop, it’s hard to see how anyone could look at these gross characterizations and not view them as at least somewhat insulting, especially when they look more like gay pop singers from the 80s. I think some Native Americans should get together and form a team of their own. Perhaps they could be called the Ho-Chunk Honkies or something, and their mascot could just be the most Anglo-Saxon lookin’ son of a bitch you’ve ever seen.

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