The Second Noel: PA Lottery Recreates 20-year Old TV Spot

bstouch001_palotteryIt’s that time of year again. Some call it “the most wonderful.” I call it the final hurdle to leap on the way to a new year, which will hopefully be a little better than the one prior. Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, one thing is certain: you can’t escape the ads. As a Pennsylvanian, one in particular has been a staple of the holiday season for most of my life.

In 1992, the PA Lottery released a 30-second spot entitled The 12 Days of Christmas to promote their numerous games as well as the new “Merry Millions” scratch-off tickets, and it’s aired every year since. This year, they’ve unveiled an updated version. Shot in HD, the frame-for-frame remake retains the same story as the original and even uses the 20-year old audio track. Connie Bliss, Marketing Director at Tierney, said of rehashing the beloved ad, “We meticulously examined each frame to match the outfits, props, location and other small details. We really wanted to get it right.” And here I thought Pennsylvanians were only good at erecting barns and finding new foods to fry. Apparently we’re also quite efficient when it comes to lazily remaking decades-old commercials.

Old Version:

New Version:

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