FDA Announces Salbutamol Shortage After Release of New ‘Man of Steel’ Poster

bstouch001_supermanIf there’s one thing in this world that I truly love, it’s puppies. If there are two things, puppies and strippers. But if there are three things, it’s puppies, strippers and movies based on comic books. And it’s because of the latter that I got so excited when, earlier this week, a new poster for Man of Steel – the gritty, Zack Snyder-directed reimagining of Superman – was released.


The poster, seen above, shows everyone’s favorite Kryptonian (portrayed this time by Henry Cavill of “The Tudors” fame), handcuffed and being escorted down a dark hallway by a group of heavily armed soldiers. As with anything that’s ever been released for a franchise with a large, devoted following, the poster was met with immediate criticism all across the Internet.


What you’re forgetting, fellow nerds, is that Superman is one peaceful S.O.B. It’s kind of his thing. Truth, justice, and all that crap. Remember? Clark Kent’s has always been a story wrought with intrapersonal conflict; the struggle of possessing the power of a god yet living amongst man, and the responsibility to use that power for good. If Superman is in handcuffs, it’s because he allowed it to happen. Clearly, this poster is a reflection of that notion and I trust the cast and crew of Man of Steel will leap it and other hot-button issues in a single bound.

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10 thoughts on “FDA Announces Salbutamol Shortage After Release of New ‘Man of Steel’ Poster

  1. Eve says:

    Yeah it would happen if he allowed it to happen, but that doesn’t stop it from being stupid. A “symbolic” handcuffing of Superman is just kinda ridiculous. That’s all.

    • melabones says:

      You have to understand that the bases of this movie is the Origin of Superman which means he is revealing himself to the world, and in that world there are those who fear Superman for being different so they assume he is dangerous and want him to surrender. Superman who stands for Justice and Peace gives himself up in order to gain the trust of those who fear him form being different. That is why he is in handcuffs cause honestly if he wanted he could toss those guys around but then they would have a reason to hate him and he wouldn’t be the hero we all know and love.

  2. kyle ericksen says:

    we’re going to see special effects and action sequences in this movie never seen before……..Zack Snyder is a genius, and i hold watchmen as the best superhero movie ever made but i think when this movie comes out its going to take that title…….man of steel is going to be a mindblowing spectacle unlike anything we’ve ever seen

  3. kyle ericksen says:

    oh yea…..and eve(person who left silly comment above mine) YOUR TRIPPIN! …….your typing as if there are several posters like that and ur damn right its “symbolic”, it symbolizes how peaceful the guy really is…..dont hate on something u have no knowledge in

  4. Batman says:

    OMG!!!!! some people are just so stupid, and they call themselves fans. A lot of you’ll need to think before you post a comment. The poster alone speaks volumes. Superman in handcuffs, escorted by the military. Obviously he surrendering willingly. If it were kryptonite, obviously he would be hurting or show some indication that he is hurting. Superman is calm as a whistle. I can’t imagine that some people are that stupid, you need to spell everything out for them. You have a brain, use it.

  5. Magda Santiago says:

    Love it… He surrender himself. Just like the anime, DC animated movies and even comics…. I want to see this so BADLY….

  6. Pants says:

    Get out of here batman! your not even a real super hero!

  7. joeyj says:

    Won’t you allow yourself to say “the american way” like Superman said? lol

    • I will not be so presumptuous to claim that a globally recognized figure – one so iconic as Superman – stands only for the way of the American people. Since his creation in 1932, the boy scout in blue tights has become a hero for all of mankind. As Superman said himself upon renouncing his citizenship in Action Comics #900, “Truth, justice, and the American way – it’s not enough anymore.” Just keeping things consistent.

      Plus, “all that crap” sounds funnier and this, at its core, is a comedic blog.

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