Axe Sharpens Their Marketing With New TV Spot

It’s only been about a decade since Unilever started pedaling their Axe products in the States. I can still remember when the deodorants and shower gels started popping up in stores all over my hometown and I’m fairly certain my pants would go up in flames if I sat here I told you I’ve never used them. Over the years, the brand continued to grow but then something strange happened…

Following a series of ads that could only be described as “chauvinistic” (who could forget this little gem with more innuendo than you can shake your sack at), Axe had seemingly shifted their focus from young males to a much more specific demographic. I’m talking, of course, about douche bags. So, imagine my discontent after seeing their most recent commercial.

The 60-second spot entitled “Susan Glenn” is a little silly at times, but it features some of the most elegantly written copy (narrated by everyone’s favorite CTU agent, Kiefer Sutherland) I’ve heard in quite some time. Add to that an almost frighteningly accurate depiction of my time in high school sprinkled with a dash of the type of orchestration so beautiful it could make a grown man weep, and you’ve got the makings of what could very well be my favorite commercial of the year. Check it out below.

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