New Brut Campaign Stinks

I consider myself to be a relatively wise individual. Wise beyond my years, you might say. So, every now and again, I like to engage in the type of behavior that’s typically reserved members of the AARP. As I’ve mentioned before, I prefer books to electronic devices. I’ve been known to suck down an Olde Fashioned or two and sometimes I add the letter E to words just to give them that 450 A.D. feel. I’m overcome with rage when I see kids on my lawn and one time, I actually purchased a bottle of Brut.

The French manufacturer of men’s grooming products has been on the scene for a while. Forty-eight years to be exact and, quite honestly, I’m not sure how they’ve managed to stay afloat this long. Buying deodorant from the French is like taking dance lessons from a white guy. You’re still going to stink. But you’ve got to admire their tenacity. They didn’t let the fact that their product is horrible stop them from releasing this new ad campaign.

Developed by the Sigma Group, the campaign (called “Essence of Man”) marks the first time I’ve seen advertising for Brut. They appear to be going for the same quirkiness that Old Spice has been capitalizing on for the past few years but what they came up with is… well, it’s kind of stupid. See for yourself in this video that I took the extra two seconds to embed because I love you guys.

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One thought on “New Brut Campaign Stinks

  1. Dorothy Iams says:

    Sorry but I though it was hilarious. I do value your postings. Especially the one about the strange Olympics photographer. Keep up the great work.

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