Billboard Raises Questions, Other Things

As the seasons progress and the weather gets warmer here in sunny Philadelphia (ed. note: I say that with a tinge of sarcasm, as the forecast shows rain every day this week), people are taking to the streets and enjoying all the sights the city has to offer. No longer are we constrained to our offices, classrooms and overpriced studio apartments. The world is once again our oyster and we’re free to roam about, sidestepping the homeless, smelling… whatever that is… and appreciating the long-underrated craft of outdoor advertising.

In a relatively small metropolitan area such as this, billboards are somewhat few and far between. Sure, our two highways are littered with ‘em (amongst various other types of garbage) but when you’re right in the middle of downtown Philly, you just don’t see the things. So, you’d think in a place like Hollywood – a place where the sun’s always shining and you literally can’t get anywhere without driving – they’d have mastered the art of the billboard. But if this outrageous ad for the upcoming season of Workaholics (a show about three recent college grads, desperately trying to adjust to adulthood) is any indication, they’ve still got a thing or two to learn.

The billboard, which is solid orange save for the Comedy Central logo and the tagline, “Fully Torqued,” would probably be eye-catching enough on its own but, as if ensuring they got their “points” across, they decided to add three, giant, phallic-shaped protrusions to it. This raises more than a few questions in my mind. First and foremost, what kind of penises did the agency behind this atrocity reference for the design? Granted, I haven’t seen many in my lifetime but something seems a little off. Second, are we supposed to believe the show’s three protagonists all sleep under the same, Nickelodean-colored duvet at night? I mean, what’s really going on, here? And, if that’s the case, why on Earth do my friends keep trying to get me to watch this show?

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One thought on “Billboard Raises Questions, Other Things

  1. Kevn says:

    Love the Nickelodeon reference.

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