Taco Bell Encourages Customers to “Live Más”

Times are a’changin’ at Taco Bell. America’s quintessential faux Mexican-style fast food establishment turns 50 this year and to celebrate, they announced the addition of the Doritos Locos Taco (a taco with a Nacho Cheesier Dorito shell) and a clock was added to the company’s website, counting down to the chimera’s March 8th release. Shortly thereafter, they unveiled plans to begin serving breakfast some time in 2012 and they’re even opening an upscale spinoff chain called Cantina Bell in the southwest. Evidently, the entire menu is the brainchild of Venezuelan-born Lorena Garcia, a judge from NBC’s America’s Next Great Restaurant and it’s supposed to create a little competition for places like Chipotle and Qdoba. If the public response is favorable, we’ll start seeing Cantina Bells from coast to coast later this year. Not since the 2003 euthanization of Gidget the talking spokesdog has there been a shakeup of this magnitude in the marketing department at Taco Bell. So, what are the ad execs doing to keep up with these changes?

I’m so glad you asked.

“Our customers told us they want a more relevant Taco Bell,” explained CEO, Greg Creed, “and we’ve taken numerous steps focusing on our food and improving the customer experience.” One of those steps in particular was the institution “Live Más,” the brand’s new bilingual slogan that, for all those who haven’t recently brushed up on their Spanglish, translates to “Live More.” Soon you will be able to grab a breakfast burrito on your way to work and swing by Taco Bell once more during your lunch break. Then, pile the wife and kids into your minivan and hit up Cantina Bell for a nice, family dinner. Before we know it, they’ll have to do a cross-promotion with Kohler in response to the ensuing plague of diarrhea that will be flowing across the nation like the muddy, brown tears of so many Mexican babies. Live más, indeed.

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