RIP, Priceline Negotiator

So, I decided to go see John Carter over the weekend. I’ll save you the disappointment and suggest renting Prince of Persia instead (it’s pretty much the same movie… this time with aliens), but I noticed something odd during the 20-minute block of commercials and behind-the-scenes glimpses that played before the previews: an ad for Priceline – one that I’d seen before on television, but apparently this was the director’s cut – showed a family talking about how the brand’s beloved spokesperson, the Negotiator [portrayed for the last 14 years (ed. note: Seriously?!) by everyone’s favorite space captain, William Shatner), saved them from a fiery bus crash. Only this time, they explained how the Negotiator evidently didn’t survive the crash. After some more research, I found the actual spot in which Billy Shatz meets his maker. It’s called The Negotiator’s Last Deal and you can check it out HERE. It’s actually kind of hilarious if you share my morbidly dark sense of humor, and marks (at least as far as I can tell) the first time a character from an ad campaign was killed off.

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