ESPN: LINsane in the Membrane

You know what I love about blogging? Not only does it give me the weekly opportunity to flex my writing muscles – I think they’re somewhere near the deltoids – but I’m able to say literally anything I want (Such is the beauty of the Internet. Go fuck yourself, SOPA). While I’ve only been doing this for a short time, I’m sure I’ve already offended at least one person. If someone reads something they don’t like, though, they can just go ahead and navigate away from my page. However, once you reach a certain level of professionalism in your writing – something I hope to achieve one day – you have to censor yourself from time to time. I’m looking at you, ESPN.

I know this story is already a couple of weeks old, but I’ve been busy. Sue me.

If you haven’t heard about the New York Knicks’ overnight sensation, Jeremy Lin (i.e. you’ve been living under a rock for the past month), allow me to bring you up to speed: Basically, this kid from Los Angeles was drafted by the Knicks early last year and was riding the bench right up until the beginning of February when, after one of his teammates suffered an injury, Lin found himself thrust into the starting lineup. And, much to everyone’s surprise, he was kind of awesome. He’s been on a winning streak ever since and has even been compared to a young Michael Jordan, creating the nationwide pandemonium known as “LINsanity.” But alas, this is not a sports blog.

One of the writers at ESPN recently coined the headline, “A Chink in the Armor,” when penning a story about Lin, the American-born point guard with Taiwanese parents. The article was only up for about half an hour and the writer has since been fired (while the anchor who read the headline on live television has been issued a 30-day suspension) but I have to wonder… what were you thinking, dude? Maybe you should call up Don Imus and Jimmy “The Greek.” I’m sure they’d be more than willing to help you start a blog where you can make all the racist comments you want.

But if there’s anyone out there who still feels bad for Jeremy Lin, don’t fret. The guy’s 23 years old and practically became a household name/millionaire over the course of a month. Not to the mention the fact that Lexigton-based Cornett Integrated Marketing Solutions has officially changed their name to LINtegrated Marketing Solutions in tribute of the sure-to-be future hall of famer.


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