RPA Creates Premature Buzz with Bueller Ad

With Super Bowl XLVI just around the corner, sports fans around the country are preparing for what promises to be an exciting rematch of the 2008 championship game between the New York Giants and New England Patriots. However, as we all know by now, the real stars of the evening will be the commercials (sorry, Madonna). The multi-million dollar ads will be what everyone is talking about around the water cooler come Monday morning, but one in particular seems to have gotten a head start.

In what was likely the first occurrence of a trailer for a commercial, Internet trolls were given a mysterious glimpse of an ad with Matthew Broderick reprising his role of Ferris Bueller in the teaser released last Friday. Since then, the web has been abuzz with bloggers and the like trying to determine what the spot would be for. Some even had their fingers crossed for a sequel to the 26-year old film. Much to their dismay, though, it was revealed earlier today that the ad is actually for the 2012 Honda CR-V, and the fine folks over at RPA have gone ahead and released the nearly-two-and-a-half minute extended cut which was directed by The Hangover’s own Todd Phillips. Watch it HERE, via YouTube. Whether you agree with AdWeek’s Tim Nudd (according to him, the spot is quite simply awesome) or Vince Mancini of FilmDrunk fame (he thinks it’s stupid), I would hope we can all agree on one thing: it shouldn’t have been released already. While the terms “Matthew Broderick” and “Ferris Bueller” are now both trending on Twitter, I have to believe RPA could have generated a lot more interest if they had waited until game day to unveil the ad. Way to spoil the surprise, guys! What’s next? I heard if you Like them on Facebook, they’ll tell you the results of the game five days before it airs.

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