4 out of 5 Dentists Recommend Crest When Running for President

It’s an election year. You know what that means: time for a little candidate-on-candidate bashing as our radios and television sets are bombarded with political advertisements for the next eleven months. But it’s 2012, for crying out loud! Now, more than ever, these presidential-hopefuls are turning to the almighty Internet as a means of communicating their messages and securing our votes before November. Unfortunately for most of them, in a study conducted last month by EyeTrackShop (which utilizes a web camera to follow the gaze of participants while they look at candidates’ websites before asking them to recall what they were shown), 4 out of 10 people forgot about the candidates immediately after seeing them. So, why the sudden bout of amnesia?

Apparently (and somewhat unsurprisingly), it’s all about looks. When asked which candidate they would vote for, Barack Obama and Michele Bachman ranked the highest (with 77 and 80%, respectively), with participants citing the attractiveness of the websites as the primary reason behind their decisions. And, according to EyeTrackShop, “Those with warm smiles tended to score higher, while viewers didn’t seem to care for sourpusses (Rick Perry, Mitt Romney).”

Oh, society. When will you learn that the ability of a person to lead a nation has absolutely nothing to do with the whiteness of their teeth?

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