McDonald’s Ad, In Poor Taste

Taste. It’s something that, since their inception in 1940, McDonald’s has prided itself upon. The home of the Big Mac is the largest fast food chain in the world, serving nearly 64 million customers on a daily basis, with stores in 119 countries, and they even recently reintroduced us to the McRib sandwich. But one of their latest advertisements may be more than a little distasteful.

The billboard, part of the new Best Fries in the World campaign, has found a home in downtown Chicago and can be seen from nearly three miles in every direction thanks to ten golden beacons of light which shine from behind the ad and into the heavens where so many of Mickey D’s loyal customers have been sent after losing their respective battles with high cholesterol and heart disease. “It’s a pretty nifty concept,” says AdWeek’s Gabriel Beltrone of Leo Burnett’s design, “although it does bear some resemblance to Tribute in Light, the iconic installation consisting of 88 searchlights shone into the sky from the World Trade Center site.”

While, initially, I have to agree with Beltrone’s opinion of the billboard… it is a pretty neat idea and the ad is certainly attention-grabbing… I can’t help but feel that Burnett was a tad inappropriate (or at least untimely) with his creation. I can see the family members of those whose lives were lost in the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001 becoming offended rather easily by the somewhat striking resemblance to the newly erected memorial in New York City.

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One thought on “McDonald’s Ad, In Poor Taste

  1. […] the country. First, they were offended when, in celebration of their world-famous French fries, a McDonald’s billboard shone golden beacons of light into the Chicago sky because they felt it too closely resembled the Tribute in Lights memorial at Ground Zero. Now […]

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